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Watershed Masters Program

The Watershed Masters Program is a free program for community residents sponsored by City of Anacortes, City of Burlington, City of Mount Vernon, City of Sedro-Woolley, and Skagit county, and Skagit Conservation District. 

The Watershed Masters Program was established in 1995 as a result of the Watershed Planning process. It has fostered partnerships between the community and numerous local agencies and organizations who collaborate on projects and learn from each other. Working together to protect our land, our water, and our communities.

For the last 25 years, the Watershed Masters Program was a 40 hour program that required people attend all or most of the workshops, then in return for the free education, participants were required to donate 40 hours of their time volunteering in things that promote water quality. It has been a wonderfully successful program, but in the hope of involving some of the busier groups of people, we are removing the requirements. Now, there is no penalty for being unable to attend a workshop and there is no requirement to return volunteer hours.

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2023 Schedule

"Shellfish Resources” with Bill Dewey

@ Taylor Shellfish Farm Thu., 9/7/23, 5:30PM-8PM 

"European Green Crab" with Allie Simpson

@ Padilla Bay, Sun., 9/10/23, 9AM-12PM

"Estuaries and Salmon" with Dr. David Beatty & Chandler Colahan

Padilla Bay Interpretive Center 9/21/23, Thu., 5:30PM-8PM 

"Plants and Climate Change" with Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group  & Brenda Clifton (Skagit River System Cooperative)  

@ Skagit Valley College, Angst Hall #125, Thu., 9/28/23, 5:30PM-8PM 

"Impacts on Skagit Water Quality" with Bill Blake

@Skagit Valley College, Angst Hall #125, Thu., 10/05/23, 5:30PM-8PM

"Agricultural and Farm Best Management Practices"

@ Festival of Family farms, Sat., 10/07/23

"Forestry Best Management Practices" with Nick Kunz & Bud Westcott

@ Skagit Valley College, Angst Hall #125, Thu., 10/12/23, 5:30PM-8PM

“Restoration Projects and Beavers” with Skagit Land Trust

@ Barney lake, Sat., 10/21/23 10AM-12:30PM

"L.I.D" with Chuck Gerdes, District Engineer

@ Skagit Valley College, Angst Hall #125, Thu., 10/26/23 5:30PM-8PM


An investment in the land is an investment in the future.

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Volunteer Opportunities:

SCD Stream Team

SCD Marine Biotoxin Sampling

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For more information, please contact Carla Glassman 360-708-2360 or

Watershed Information

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