Watershed Masters Program

The Watershed Masters Program is a free program for community residents. Its purpose is to provide information and solutions to water quality problems in our area. An investment in the land is an investment in the future.

Topics covered include: watershed history and geology; stream ecology & salmon; wetlands and soils; agricultural and forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs); low Impact Development practices; and more


Training is held in the Fall (Sept. - Nov), however workshops, field trips, and other events are held year-round.

For dates and times of upcoming events call Carla Glassman @ 428-4313 ext.1025 or email Carla@skagitcd.org

In return for the free classes, those who complete the training are asked to donate volunteer service by undertaking projects designed to protect and/or restore water quality or educating the public on these same issues. The Project Coordinator will work with each Watershed Master Volunteer to design a plan of action. Volunteer projects are geared toward the interests of the participant.

Watershed Handbook