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Volunteer Opportunities

In 2020 “There is no Poop Fairy” and “We Scoop” Pledge efforts focused on fecal coliform reduction in urban and rural waterways by encouraging dog walkers to pick up after their pets when they are in public places, such as parks, walking trails, apartment complexes, or neighborhoods. 

Now, it’s time to see if there was improvement.

In early 2020 These priority areas, identified by Parks staff and the Port, provided a starting place to initiate and test the regional program.  Northern State Recreation Area, Padilla Bay Shore Trail, Bakerview Park, Little Mountain, Skagit River Dike Trail, Port of Skagit Nature Trail, and Sharpe County Park were monitored at least once/month.

We are looking for volunteers to patrol these same sites in order to compare the data.

Volunteers will patrol their assigned area one or more times each month between April and Sept, filling in the designated data sheet.

The completed data sheet would be returned to the office at the end of Sept.

 The results will be compared to the 2020 data to see if behaviors have changed.

The goal is to inspire dog walkers to help keep public areas clean for all users,

to educate citizens about proper disposal methods and the impact of dog waste on water quality,

 and to inspire dog walkers to scoop the poop all the time/every time. 
Scoop it! Bag it! Put it in the Trash!


For more info. or to volunteer, contact 

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