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Farm Planning

The Skagit Conservation District provides free technical assistance to local farm landowners interested in improving their property. A farm plan, which is a series of actions, will be developed to meet the goals of each individual. As we create a farm plan, we evaluate each resource using the concept of SWAPAHE (Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals, Humans, & Energy). That is, focusing on the natural systems that sustain our natural resources, while considering social, cultural & economic conditions. Farm size, soil type, slope of the land, proximity to water, and types of livestock/crops are all considered.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices are tools that farmers can use to run an efficient and cost-effective farm. By reducing soil and fertilizer runoff and properly managing animal waste, BMPS also help protect water and air quality on farms. The use of BMPs help achieve multiple positive outcomes in natural and human resources! Whether the BMP be physical, structural or a management practice, you are benefiting wildlife, improving the energy efficiency of the farm, and making management easier on you. Because of variability, BMPs must be tailored to the type of operation, the physical conditions, and environmental factors.

Cost Share Program

The Skagit Conservation District has cost share funds available to farm landowners to offset the cost of implementing best management practices.  To be eligible for cost share funds, the landowner must:

  1. Obtain a Conservation District approved conservation plan

  2. Complete a cost share application. 

For more information about cost share funds, please contact Jeff Frazier at the Skagit Conservation District by calling (360) 428-4313 ext.1014 or by e-mail at

Click here for Skagit Conservation District’s cost share policy.

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Emmett Wild

Senior Planner

office ext. 1015

mobile: 360.899.8761

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Jeff Frazier

Certified Farm Planner

ext. 1014

mobile: 360.899.8561

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