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No Till Drill

The Skagit Conservation District has a Esch 5607 No Till Drill available for rent to Skagit residents. It is available for a $25/day plus $15/acre fee to offset insurance and maintenance costs. A 3/4 ton tow vehicle with a 2 5/16″ ball and 50 hp is required. Landowners are required to conduct a site visit with an SCD farm planner who will develop a farm plan and or write a technical assistance memo assuring the use of the drill is needed and utilized in a manner that will contribute to the health of the pasture. Once you have selected dates and paid online, a farm planner will contact you shortly before your reservation to coordinate a drop off time. 

Rental Fee: Daily $25 plus $15/acre

Cleaning Deposit: $100 (will be refunded upon return and approval)

Please fill out Reservation Request and Pay Online below. Must allow 48 hours to process. 



We do NOT accept winter reservations. Please select a date after March 15th, 2023.