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Whether you’re enjoying a public place or your own backyard, remember there is no magic wand or fairy that makes pet waste disappear after you leave it on the ground. The poop goes somewhere - and in many cases it's our local streams (or maybe under your shoe). 

Keep the "magic" in the Skagit by scooping your pet's poop. 

It's simple: Scoop it, bag it, and put it in the trash!

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In the spirit of 

take the "We Scoop" Pledge and enter

our "We Scoop" Poster Contest!

 Entries will be accepted between

May 1 and May 31, 2022. 

*Open to Skagit County residents of all ages 

(Participants under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or guardian)

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We Scoop


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We Scoop

“We Scoop” Poster Contest

Terms & Conditions of Participation:


1. The “We Scoop” Poster Contest is open to any resident of Skagit County.

2. To be eligible to enter the We Scoop Poster Contest, participants must complete the Skagit Conservation District’s “We Scoop” Pledge.

3. Entries will be accepted between May 1 and May 31, 2022.

4. Participants under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or guardian.

Poster entry (limit one per participant) can be submitted by using the poster contest form below.

Poster entry must depict the concept of keeping pet waste off the ground and putting it into the trash and include the phrase “We Scoop”

Posters must be original art and shall not include any copyrighted, trademarked, or branded marks, images, or phrases.

Any media may be used to create a flat or two-dimensional effect (paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, paper, or other materials), but all posters must be submitted as a digital image, 300 dpi, JPEG or PNG.

Images must be high quality for printing, with good lighting and composition.

Award Winners will be selected by Skagit County residents via public, online poll on the Skagit Conservation District website.


Awards will be presented in the following categories:

Adult: Top 2 posters

7th -12th grade- top 1 poster

3rd -6th grade- top 1 poster

Pre-school - 2nd grade - top 1 poster

Winners will be announced by June 30, 2021.

Winning posters may be used in future outreach materials, including but not limited to, calendars, newspaper ads, posters, flyers, Facebook pages, as well as in other regional scoop the poop outreach.

"We Scoop"

Poster Contest

Apply Here

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WoofPack dog walking accessory bag

*Open to Skagit County residents of all ages 

(Participants under 18 years old must have permission from a parent or guardian)

By submitting your poster, you agree to the Graphic Materials Use Agreement