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Annual Native Plant Sale

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How it works:

Every year, the Conservation District purchases a large order of plants from the PMC to sell at our annual plant sale.  The decision of what to supply, and how much, is based both on sales from the previous year, and what is available to us depending on the cultivating success of certain species that year.  Sometimes these plants are species that are grown on-site and some are brokered stock, which means that they are contracted out and grown elsewhere. The plants are kept in the cold storage at the PMC until the day of the plant sale.  

Purpose of the Plant Sale:

The purpose of the plant sale is to promote natural resource conservation by providing quality, conservation-grade plants at wholesale prices to the public for use in conservation-related projects. Some examples of conservation projects include erosion control, riparian restoration, reforestation, backyard habitat enhancement, wetland restoration and wildfire mitigation. Proceeds from the plant sale help fund youth education efforts.

This sale is self supporting. We ask that you please be patient with the staff and our volunteers who work very hard to make the sale run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible for our customers.  Each year holds new challenges and we do our best to adjust and accommodate for them.  The Conservation District welcomes suggestions on how we can improve the process on sale days.  Thanks again for your patience.


Check back in January for the 2025 plant sale



How do I order plants?

Online Pre-Order will begin December 15th, 2023 at 9AM. Please sign up for our mailing list to be alerted when we open up the sale. All plants are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited and many species will sell out so please order early.

Where do I pick up my plants?

All orders must be picked up on the designated pickup date at the Plant Materials Center.

*Any plant orders not picked up will be donated to local restoration projects.*​

WACD Plant Materials Center

16564 Bradley Rd

Bow, WA 98232

How big are the plants?

Your plants will be bare root. This means they will not be coming in a pot, but rather a compact bundle that will be packed in a convenient bag for travel.   

What is the minimum order?

Plants come in bundles and for bundling purposes, the minimum plant order is $50 before taxes. 

What if the plants are sold out?

We are sorry we sold out of plants. Please consider other options in the list below.









Returns and Changes

All sales are final, we do not accept product returns or changes. If you have made an order and would like more plants, please place another order. If we cannot fill part of your order due to a shortage from the nursery, a plant substitution or refund will be offered.

Plant Mortality

We do not offer any guarantee regarding the survival of the plants. Generally, you can expect about 10-20% plant mortality, however this can vary depending on how plants are handled after pick-up, site conditions, and species. For best survival please visit our native plant page.

*Due to the fragile nature of bare-root plants, any plants not picked up on the day of sale will be contributed to local agencies and non-profit organizations for the benefit of the public. No refunds will be issued for plant orders not picked up.*

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