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Giant Sequoia
  • Giant Sequoia


    Sold in bundles of 5


    Height: up to 300 ft

    Width: 30'-60'

    Optimal Moisture Requirements: Dry - Moist

    Light Requirements: Full Sun

    Note: This species is being offered for conservation purposes, although not native to Skagit, many are beginning to join in assisted migration. Learn more here


    Giant Sequoia is a vigorous evergreen conifer native to California. While neither the tallest nor the widest tree known, giant sequoia is the world’s largest tree in total mass. Under optimal conditions, a tree will reach a height of 250-275 feet and a diameter of fifteen to twenty feet. The largest giant sequoias may reach heights of 350 feet, diameters of thirty-five feet with root spreads of 400 feet in diameter, and ages of more than 3,000 years. The roots of giant sequoia develop rapidly, which can increase the tree’s stability but makes transplanting difficult. Due to its majestic stature, giant sequoia should only be planted in areas with abundant space. Giant sequoia is intolerant of shade and benefits from plenty of sunlight.

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