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Manure spreader

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Cone spreader 

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No till Drill

Equipment Share Program

Item to be used under this agreement:

 Manure Spreader     Cone Spreader      Seed Drill     Weed Wrench   


Cooperator agrees to use all equipment in a safe and careful manner, in accordance with the Owner’s Manuals provided by Skagit Conservation District (SCD).

• Cooperator has inspected equipment and accepts “as is”.

• Cooperator agrees to pay the cost of repairing the equipment if damage to the equipment and/or its parts occurs due to external cause or due to any negligence or any factor under the control of the Cooperator.

• Cooperator agrees to replace any equipment not returned to SCD. Cooperator acknowledges that SCD is providing the equipment only.

• Cooperator is responsible for providing all consumable materials, including fuel and water for washing.

• Cooperator releases SCD from any and all liability arising from the use and/or transportation of the equipment.

• SCD shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage occurring as a result of the use or transport of the equipment or any other loss or damage including but not limited to those resulting from (1) loss caused by theft, (2) accidental damage to persons or property from the operation or use of the equipment, (3) damage or injury resulting from the conduct of the Cooperator whether negligent or otherwise.

• Cooperator shall pay for all injuries or damage at the sole expense of the Cooperator. • Cooperator agrees to indemnify the agreement.

• In the event SCD incurs any legal fees or other costs enforcing the terms of this agreement, Cooperator shall be responsible for all such fees and costs.

• Cooperator acknowledges that SCD is not responsible for any public health issues arising from the use of this equipment.

• The priority of use and availability of equipment will be determined at the sole discretion of SCD.

Failure to clean equipment thoroughly will result in a cleaning fee in the amount of $100.

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Jeff Frazier

Certified Farm Planner

ext. 1014

mobile: 360.899.8561

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Emmett Wild

Senior Planner

office ext. 1015

mobile: 360.899.8761


Equipment Rental Hours

(Excluding Holidays)
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.