Forestry Program

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Producing maple syrup from bigleaf maple

Thought you couldn't get maple syrup from Big Leaf Maples in western Washington?  Think again!  Check out the new video about a local Skagit resident harvesting sap from his trees and making syrup.

Producing maple syrup from bigleaf maple


Young stand of Douglas Fir

Landowner Assistance

Landowners can receive assistance with a wide range of forestry questions.  Technical assistance is available free of charge to family forest owners, urban forest owners and small woodlot owners.


Landowners can receive assistance in development and implementation of conservation plans and qualify for cost-share programs.  Assistance is available to implement “best management practices” for water quality, forest health problems, insect and disease problems, reforestation, erosion control, and wildlife habitat enhancement with no acreage limit.


Forest conservation plans are prepared on parcels of 10 acres or more.  Conservation plans integrate the management, protection and enhancement of all forest resources in a manner which meets an individual's needs and ownership objectives.  Planning allows a landowner to examine current resource conditions and develop an organized strategy for future management.  An approved plan may qualify a forest landowner for financial assistance and satisfies the requirements of county, state and federal governments


Managed Douglas Fir Stand


Over stocked stand with forest health problems.  Stand needs prescriptive thinning.


Thinned Douglas Fir stand.


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